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Juicing: "Sweet Beet" Juice Recipe

Posted on October 19, 2012 by Stephanie | 0 comments

As some of you know, I did a 13 day juice fast last year. I came across some of my pictures and my documentation of the fast, so I thought I'd start posting some of my recipes. 

Springtime is generally the best time for a fast, but fresh juices are great to drink throughout the year to give your body a high dose of vitamins and minerals. Plus you are packing in a lot of fresh fruits and veggies into one drink, without having to sit and eat 10 salads in a row! 

Here are the benefits of juicing...

1. Weight Loss

2. Gives your body a high dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

3. Better absorption. Your body will absorb and utilize a larger percentage of the nutrients.

4. Boosts energy and concentration.

5. Easy on your organs. Gives your digestive system a break!

6. If you do a juice fast, the results can be amazing. I'll post my full experience later on.

Here is a photo of my "Sweet Beet" recipe...





Cherries (or strawberries)



Red Leaf Lettuce

Beet Greens

So Healthy! Enjoy!





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